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The Guru's Message...

Guru Angad Dev

Believe in One God:- The Guru tells us: "There is only the One Supreme Lord God; there is no other at all. ... Meditate twenty-four hours a day on the One who created all beings and creatures. .. He is the Supreme Lord, the Creator of all the universe. .. He has given us body and soul. .. Attuned to the Love of the One, there is no sorrow or suffering. .. " Only " in His Sanctuary is there eternal peace." (page 45)

Do not be jealous of others:- The hukam of the Guru is: "One whose heart is filled with jealousy of others, good never comes to him. No one pays any attention to what he says; he is just a fool, crying out endlessly in the wilderness. .. The body is the field of action; in this Dark Age of Kalyug; whatever you plant, so you shall harvest. (page 308) and also "Jealousy and envy bring terrible pain, and one is cursed throughout the three worlds. .. They do not focus their consciousness on the Lord; they love to engage in arguments. They speak to cause arguments, and earn their living by telling lies." And finally, "In this world, only the Lord's Name is immaculate and pure. .. Without the Lord's Name, the world is poor and no one is satisfied or fulfilled." (page 1091)