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The Guru's Message...

Guru Nanak Dev

Speak and Live Truthfully:- The Sri Guru Granth Sahib tells us that, those ".. devotees are happy and peaceful forever" who "... see the Truth; speak the Truth; and their bodies and minds are True. True are their teachings, and True are their instructions; True are the reputations of these true ones. Those who have forgotten the True One are miserable - they depart weeping and wailing." (page 69)

Do Not See Bad in Others:- Maharaj's hukam is: The "..one who eliminates his self-centeredness, eradicates his ego and night & day sings the songs of the Lord's Love....his body is golden, and his light merges into the Light of the Fearless Lord. ... With a single, impartial eye, look upon all alike, and see God pervading in everyone - The Light of the Lord's ... permeates all; the Gurmukh knows this unknowable." (page 833)