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Wedding procession

Ghorian, Khorian, Ghoreea (Gurmukhi: ਘੋੜੀਆ) or "The Wedding Procession Song" is a composition of hymns written by Guru Ram Das, in measure Vadahans, which are part of the Guru Granth Sahib and appear on pages 575 to 576 of the holy Granth. The word `ghorean` ਘੋੜੀਆ s  in Punjabi is the plural form of ghoree ਘੋੜੀ s , a mare.

In Punjabi folk poetry, a type of lyrical songs which are sung on the occasion of marriage are called "ghoreea". A Punjabi marriage comprises a series of ceremonies performed at different stages. In one of these ceremonies the bridegroom mounts a handsomely caparisoned mare to go to the house of the bride where a reception awaits.

As the bridegroom climbs onto the back of the mare, his sisters feed the mare with crushed gram from a plate, embellish the bridle strings and sing the songs of ghori, as other girls and women join them in chorus. These songs eulogize the bridegroom and his ancestry and wish him a happy marriage. In the songs, the word "ghoree" (mare) occurs frequently, almost once in every verse.

Raga Vadahans in the Guru Granth Sahib incorporates hymns cast in the moulds of folk songs commonly sung at the time of birth, marriage and death. Guru Nanak has composed poems, in this raag, called "alahamanor dirges", songs of mourning. Guru Amar Das has also contributed to these hymns in the same style. Guru Ram Das, the Fourth Guru, has composed two "ghoreea" hymns, reminiscent of "ghoreea" of folk poetry. The folk forms meant for mundane occasions have been utilized by the Gurus to compose verses of spiritual reference and meaning. .....More