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Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion, like the Buddha earlier, sowed the seeds of spiritual democracy.

The process of its germination and growth is still in progress and continues to flourish due to the Guru's message for the world at large, conveyed through his writings and personal visits to the then known countries of the Asian sub-continent.

This article examine the historical facts relating to Guru Nanak's visit to Sri Lanka. The Guru, possessing neither territory, nor wealth, nor aided by the forces of arms, preached his doctrine of peace in the countries during the course of his travels including Sri Lanka.

It is clear from recent research to conclude that much evidence, in both written and oral traditions, is available with regard to Guru Nanak's travels, beyond the limits of Hindustan (India), including Sri Lanka, then known as Simhal Dweepa, to spread his message of virtues and righteousness.

Matiakullam, a town in Sri Lanka, visited by Guru Nanak sahib and Bhai Mardana; at the time of the visit of the Guru, present-day Baticulla was known as Matiakullam. Raja Shiv Nabh ruled this area. .....More