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Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (Gurmukhi: ਗੁਰੂ ਤੇਗ ਬਹਾਦੁਰ) (April 18, 1621 - November 24, 1675) was the ninth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism and became Guru on September 16, 1665 following in the footsteps of his grand-nephew, Guru Har Krishan.

Before Guru ji left his body, he nominated his son, Gobind Rai – who later in 1699 was given the name - Guru Gobind Singh, as the next and as he turned out the last Guru of the Sikhs – in human form.

The following is a summary of the main highlights of Guru Tegh Bahadur's life: