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A close friend of mine, Professor Jap Singh, a professor at a Ludhiana university, narrated this episode to me about two decades ago. I repeat below what my friend described to me:

Professor: "You know, I contribute regularly for gurdwara (Sikh temple) functions. One year, special Gurpurb celebrations were arranged by the campus residents of the Panjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana.

The organisers as usual visited me for my contribution. I usually gave 25 rupees every time they came for collection. They told me, “This will be a special function, we want a bigger contributions from you this time, Professor. Mr. ABC (a clerk) paid 20 rupees.”

I took this as a signal for me to double my contribution. However, keeping my recent promotion and position at the University in mind, I contributed one hundred rupees. The members were very pleased since they expected only 50 rupees.

When the organisers left, my ego overtook me, “Look! I am a great Sikh. This contribution will draw God’s attention and He will give me special rewards for this donation.”

On the day of the special Gurpurb, I deeply regret and am embarrassed to tell you (I know you won’t reveal my name to others) what went through my mind. When I went through the aisle to pay my respect to the Guru Granth Sahib, I could not help looking at the Sangat already sitting there.

Drenched in my ego, I said to myself, “This person would have paid only five rupees; this teacher might have given ten rupees; .....More