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Are you Suchajee or Kuchajee?

Suchajee and Kuchajee are the names given by Guru Nanak to two types of "women". These names appear in the raga banis (the raga section) of the main Sikh scripture called the Guru Granth Sahib. The word "Suchajee" means a capable and skilful woman or bride while "kuchajee" is the opposite. This composition is in Raga Suhi.

In this sacred script the Guru tells the world the difference between a noble and good women and a bad and ignoble women. In these banis "woman" is a reference to the soul of all human beings not just that of a woman! These banis which start at page 762 tell us how to become noble brides of God and not to fall into the trap of worldly entanglements and waste this marriage (life).

First the Guru wrote kuchajee bani and then suchajee bani so as to tell how an ignoble soul can become a noble soul. The noble soul is always honoured in God's house. The ignoble soul and noble soul both are provided every happiness in life but the noble soul never forgets the true Lord and the ignoble soul will fall into the well of attachment with worldly things. .....More