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Gurdwara Amb Sahib linked to Bhai Kuram Singh

Bhai Kuram Singh, a Labana by caste, was a resident of village Lambian. He was a Sikh during the times of Guru Arjun and Guru Har Rai. Bhai Kuram came to Amritsar to respect and have a glimpse of Guru Arjan. During his visit, mangoes were in season. Many visitors were coming to attend the darbar of the now famous Sikh Guru, the great Guru Arjan. The place was heaving with devotees. Many followers were presenting their gifts and offerings to the Guru. Followers from Kabul had brought with them large sumptuous ripe mangoes. In those days Kabul was famous for its mangoes.

Bhai Kuram Singh felt sorry that he had come from the land of mangoes but had not brought with him any mangoes while many others from his region were carrying large loads of these delicious fruits. When the darbar concluded that night, the ripe mangoes were distributed as Parshad (blessed food). After receiving their parshad, the followers retired to their deras (sleeping quarters) for the night. Bhai Kuram Singh did not eat the mango given to him as parshad. Next day he got up in the morning, took bath and took the mango received as parshad and offered the same back in darbar that morning.

The great Guru Arjan called Bhai Kuram and said "This mango was given to you as parshad but you have offered the same here".

Bhai Kuram Singh very humbly bowed before the Guru and requested "Your Highness, I have come from the land of mangoes but had not brought any for offering to you, so I retained this for offering to you today."

Guru Ji ordered him to eat the fruit and promised him that his offerings will be accepted by the Guru one day. .....More