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I have a chance to make someone unvirgin. but what if in future i will not marry her or what if she leaves me by herself. Guru helped me and prevent her virginity and i am very very happy that i havent make any whore i always thanks guru and ardas before guru is that if i have to bound in sex with anyone she will be my wife noone else. I have seen some of my freinds breaking someones virginity and leave them foreever then its the creation of a whore or a innocent becomes a whore.(as she will have sex with one more guy in future), this is whores work. that freinds never think on the matter and i also not think but know this thinking comes in my mind..

Vaish vaish karkey jinna nu thokra laundae apan haan
sach aakhdan haan mittron, Vaish us nu banaundae apan haan

Have you made anyone whore??.....LUCKY

Your "friends" did not only play a role in the "creation of a whore," they themselves are also whores.