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Hello SikhiWiki

Thank you for such a great website!

I just have a question here regarding this posting about the turban and it physiological aspects. It is mentioned here that hair is drawing energy from the sun and that is why we keep our hair. But this seems to conflict with the fact that our hair is covered from the sun with a turban. Would it be possible to have further explanation on this please?

Thank you and regards Alan

I think the physiological interpretation given to turben is not correct. One must keep in mind the topical necessity of having a turben. When the Guru enjoined that Keshas(hair) are not to be shorn then it is necessary that proper care should be taken of them. hence the requirement of turben or Dastaar. the idea of getting energy from sun is not correct.This is a brahmanical concept that the planets give us energy or guide our lives. Its only the Akaal purakh(God) who gives us strength and energy and Path/Shabad is the way to get it from HIM.One should not overlook the historical perspective and make a simple thing difficult by some convulated explanation which is perhaps not even rationally correct.

thanks, H P Singh, India.

i agree with H P Singh, think article needs modification

I basically agree with the previous writer thinking that the sadhu reason for keeping long hair is not a scientifically proven thing. the hair is dead tissue it can be an additional heat sump in winter as well as in summer and i think it has no radar like ability to make one aware of the surroundings.

Long hair is a beautiful thing, hence the long history of purdah or a head covering in many cultures often forced on women by males. Its power over men, the long beautiful hair of women, even well oiled so it glissens on Indian women, is well used in western and I suppose Indian advertising. I can only imagine that Ashwaria does hair product commercials, ect.

That Sikh men do not cut their hair and cover it with a turban is i believe out of respect for Guru Gobind Singh ji's five K's.

Samson of the Bible had his hair sheared by a woman and lost his strength, Egyptians males, of old shaved or plucked every bit of it-males considered it unclean. The huns, when they ruled China, made every man wear the long woven Queue as did the women. I remember a scene from a film- Hawaa/the wind? during the terrible attacks on the Sikhs all over India, in the aftermath of the killing of Indira Gandhi. In the scene while a hindu mob was randomly attacking any sikh, one young actor portraying a Sikh who had either not had time to don his turban or had had it pulled off, came attacking the crowd, sans the top knot, with his long beatiful clean hair twirling around his head like some powerful african lion, i thought (while that may have been a sad or awful thing for a Sikh to see, aside from the sickening actions of the mob), that scene of that young Sikh Kirpan in hand, gives me the image of the power of the Sikhs having the power of Lions, more than any I have seen. I guess the Mane of the Lion and his beard is why we call him the King of the beasts. Egytian Pharoahs were reported to be the only one allowed to wear a 'beard' in old egypt and that a fake one glued on. Even Hathsepshut wore this cerimonial beard.

And American 'Indians', as I heard an Indian (India) on tv last week refer to as a Red Indian, also considered their hair sacred and would never cut it, many even today.