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Isn't this hapening in sikhism now? Amritdhari sikhs different from rest? Wear a kirpan. If you are amritdhari, you are superior. Nothing in Guru Granth Sahib Ji can be wrong! If he can question his Gurus, why can't we question ours? Why can't our Gurus be wrong at certain places? It seems like we followed what our gurus said but did not follow the principles behind them! The big question is, HOW MANY OF YOU WOULD BEHAVE IN THE SAME WAY AS THE PANDIT IF I SAID THE GURU GOBIND SINGH JI / GURU NANAK DEV JI WAS WRONG AT CERTAIN PLACES? HOW MANY OF YOU WILL NOT THREATEN ME IN THE SAME WAY? Why am I never given a logical explanation for taking amrit? for wearing a kirpan? for keeping my hair and beard? why do we have to follow it like blindfaith? It seems somehow that the sikhism of guru nanak dev ji is lost! I feel ashamed of being brought up in such a society but when i read about guru nanak dev ji, it revives some pride! but I am pretty sure guru nanak dev ji would be equally ashamed of us today!