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Some attempt at translation, please revert if off. Allenwalla 05:11, 22 October 2009 (UTC)

                                   One Sole Creator
   sat naam                    kartaa purakh            nirbha-o                 nirvair

Truth is Your Name Creator Perfect Keeper Fearless Without Enmity

   akaal moorat                 ajoonee                 SaibhaN                 gur parsaad

The primary Entity Never born Self-perpetuating With the Guru’s grace

    jap                       aad sach                   jugaad sach          hai bhee sach
  Recite!                True in the beginning      True Through the Ages   True even now and 
  naanak          hosee bhee sach 
   Nanak  -   Will always be True

Truely You are the One, Only Creator, the Perfect Protector

Never Born Always Existing

Recite - With the Guru's (WahiGuru's) Grace

True (to You/Wahiguru) in the beginning, true through the ages, true even now.

Nanak will always be True (to You/Wahiguru).

This is how I see Guru Nanak's Ardas (Shabad) to Wahiguru, as captured and recorded by Guru Arjan.