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comment from page:

Reasearch is needed on this side that is this in Gurmat or not. - (this side that is this) - doesn't compute or is lost in translation.

the above (confusing) statement moved from page to this talk page. A clear, well written statement on what is taught at the dera/s, whether it is Gurmat or what would be useful in the article. Possibly by someone at the Dera?

a/w (24 Aug 2010)

Story on the dera

Dehradun, March 6 (ANI) 2010: Thousands of Sikh devotees thronged the shrine of Guru Ram Rai here on Friday for the special flag raising ceremony that marked the beginning of the annual 'Jhanda Mela' or, flag fair. Apparently many other (Sikhs?) call Ram Rai - Guru Ram Rai

any westerner would, as am I, be confused by this story - seems Aurangzeb was successful, to an extent, what is this? Are the Ram Raiyas - Sikhs or are sikhs ignoring the Gurus wishes? [user:Allenwalla|a/w]] (24 Aug 2010)