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I have a question about this, if Sikhism says that there are different paths to God, and everyone has the right to practice their own religion and they are not wrong in their practices, why do they criticize practices that may be done in other religions? posted by User:Monicanat


Sikhi does accept that:

1. Holy books not false: Gurbani tells us: : "Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false." (SGGS p1350) It is accepted that the various religious Holy books are not false but that does not mean that the adherents are following the Holy text faithfully. It is clear that in most religions, most devotees are not keeping to their faiths properly.

2. Different paths: The Guru also tells us: "Where have the Hindus and Muslims come from? Who put them on their different paths? Think of this, and contemplate it within your mind....(1)" (SGGS p477)

So it is accepted that God intended for there to be different paths for human salvation, HOWEVER, the Guru has also criticised some of the practises followed by the devotees such as:

3. Fasting & other rituals: : "Fasting, daily rituals, and austere self-discipline - those who keep the practice of these, are rewarded with less than a shell." (SGGS p216)

4. Ceremonial Marks: : "Around your neck is a rosary, and on your forehead is a sacred mark; upon your head is a turban, and you wear two loin cloths. If you knew the nature of God, you would know that all of these beliefs and rituals are in vain." (SGGS p470)

It is clear that the Gurus do not accept that rituals like fasting, circumcision, shaving the head, ceremonial marks, etc will please God even a little bit and so these rituals have always been criticised. The discrimination against women; against lower castes, etc have always been objected to by the Gurus. So when the Sikhs criticise these practises, it because they are unfair EVEN in the original religion but the followers are ignoring the truth of their own religion.

So called Muslims blowing up innocent children; Jews killing masses indiscriminately - Is this preached by their faith leaders - Surely not. So the Sikhs will speak against them. The same applies to Sikhs who do honor killing, bomb airplanes for the creation of Khalistan; etc - These are evils that have to be eliminated and strongly discouraged.

No God-loving person should stand for such stupidity and evil deeds - The Sikh Gurus spoke loudly against these evils and their words are preserved for all to read. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of the other religions - their holy text is old and sometimes not well preserved in its entirety.

I hope this gives you some idea why although Sikhism accepts and respects other religions, it does not always accept the practises of the devotees especially ones which have no spiritual or other merit in life. If you require any further clarification please do post again. Regards, Hari Singhtalk 23:46, 8 February 2009 (UTC)