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Are the people of GURDWARA SHAHID BURJ BHAI JIVAN SINGH ashamed to be associated with the name of a Mazbi? Linking the above article to Mazbi i was shocked.

I have always admired Jivan Singh who dared to steal the Head of Guru Tejh Bahadur and carry it to his son for cremation. i knew nothing of his gotra or caste history. Linking the above article to Mazbi, which i had to change the spelling to do; i was surprised to find the majhabi article with a heading saying the article contained just about anything a person could condemn including:

This article may contain Sects or Cults, Fake Babas, Deras, Fake Nihangs, Sanatan Dharmis, Pseudo Akalis & Mahants, Pseudo Intellectuals & Historians, Leftists and agnostic which are not considered a part of Sikhism. The article is just for information purposes.

are the above things the mazbi's should never be or things they pretent when they aspire to. As this is the message that comes up for Template:Non Sikh Article

the article consists of two parts the first a little more prejudicial. the warriors i read of here seem pretty Sikh to me.Allenwalla 15:55, 14 December 2007 (MST)

still wondering why this article has the prejorative preface

why the (NonSikhArticle) if Guru Gobind Singh gave them the name and welcomed them to the Khalsa and each and every Guru spoke out against in-equality.Allenwalla 07:17, 15 May 2008 (MDT)