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It seemed that giving a title one rank higher than the 1 and a 1/4 title of Jay Singh, an old Muslim rank at that, to Duleep Singh, a higher title by that by which his father was known - is a little like playing my Maharaja is better than yours. Somewhat akin to some Muslims and even one American General, arguing over whether Allah or God is greater. Come on!

And as Empire is a word usually associated with colonial powers who, conquered and enslaved other countries, enslaving, robbing, raping and plundering at will; Ottoman, Persian, Roman, Mughal, Japanese, Spanish, Holy Roman (non Roman and not to holy), Mongol and the British Empire, give me doubt that the Sikh Gurus (who never as Sunnyji once reminded me ever fought to conquer or establish an earthly kingdom or ever tried to force anyone to adopt Sikhi) would want the word Empire associated with Sikhi.

Maharaja Great King or King of King (Emperor?)

Even the Nazis didn't use the word Empire or Emperor!

Allenwalla 05:49, 2 September 2009 (UTC)

the Messalina of the Punjab??

Is Messalina a Punjabi word?

I can only find a ref to it being the name of a wife of a Roman Emperor. A name not a title. This mistake (?) is also in the wikipedia page, please let me know if this is really Punjabi? Allenwalla 06:59, 2 September 2009 (UTC)

she was the third wife of that particular emperor, could thr mother of Duleep Singh have been the third wife of Ranjit and someone confusing a name with a title???