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Sorry to say, but all these articles on Jatt, Lohar, Ramgarhia, Arora, and so on, would end up doing nothing but promoting caste system within Sikhism.

What has this Lohar article got to do with Sikhism ? It is describing the definitions of an architect, a draftsman, a craftsman. Is this in anyway related to Sikhism ?

I understand these articles do carry historical significance, but do they deserve so much space on "SikhiWiki" ? If anything, there may be one summary article capturing "how people from different walks of life came to embrace Sikhism". But having such detailed articles on each and every caste seems unjust on SikhiWiki. These detailed articles deserve a place in some "CasteWiki", not SikhiWiki.

Voyager (talk) 12:59, 13 November 2015 (CST)