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This is often said in the west as well. "Gone to a better place", "sitting on a star" or "being a star" are heard as well. Rather than wailing over those who have 'passed' many have wakes, a mela where people eat (neighbors bring dishes of food and tell stories of the 'deceaseds life). The Irish in particular are known to use 'spirits' liberally, during their wakes. Many even recount seeing the 'spirit', atma or soul leave the body. As Hindus listen to the crack of the skull, which allows ones spirit to leave ones body; the american indians of the last centuries, scalped people to 'capture' the soul of those who they had killed.

Atma or Light

Many Sikhs hold that the jtoti (defined variously as light, lustre, brilliance, flame, God or Atma) of Gurus Nanak Dev passed from Nanak to each new Guru, interestingly, a recent story on the death of Iran's supreme ruler, related that the new Ayatollah was only installed after a Mullah said he had seen the "light" pass from Imam Khomeini to the next Imam at his death, apparently an official requirement for each new Imam.

Can anyone expand or write a page on this subject? Allenwalla 19:05, 21 June 2009 (UTC)