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C'mmon guys the recent developments part of this article is bullshit. Has this been written by 2nd or 3rd generation NRI Sikhs? or has anyone in Punjab been consulted on ground realities? We live in a secular democracy where our voice is heard - as much as of the other communities here. We are proud of it and generations of my family have given our lives for it and. We are proud of the Sikh martyrs who have stood for this ideal.

It is absolutely disgraceful that you have these armchair activists who may not even understand the K of Khalsa write such false portrayals of realities. Come to Jalandhar and I will show you how we live in Punjab.

--GurcharanSK 16:12, 14 August 2012 (CDT)

Gurcharan Singh can tell us more about Jalandhar and Punjab now trailing not too far behind Bihar, while states like Gujarat are new shining stars. Looks like the man is totally disconnected from reality. Didn't you hear about the summons served to your Chief Minister for human rights violations:

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Is there any recored showing the Khalistan currency going to print or any actual copies?