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Since this is the first time that I remember coming across this word and it seems to describe what Gurbani Kirtan seems to be about, I hope that someone will write a little more about this subject.

Since I often find that Sanskrit can be seen in almost any language, perhaps only in my mind, but if I look at the word - Karuna (I don't know the correct definition) i can define Kar - as work and since I know that all work is done by the Kartar as us (or our own splinter of God's light, that it seems to be up to all of us to take from animalistic behaviour to enlightened behavior (i.e. educate) - then I can define

Kar = as the one creator

and going to Italian, french, ect. Uno = one (one male) and that makes una (one female) = french = un and une. In english we only change the vowel from u to O and drop the male/female difference.

Hence that gives us a woman, perhaps a Bride longing to mate (return/marry/rejoin) the Creator. Allenwalla 05:12, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

Please let me know the correct definition and/or expand the page.