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Gbssungha ji, I moved your questions to the talk page. It would, i think to be good to ask fellow editers by asking them on their talk pages.

Most of us never see many of the articles or look at the talk pages. Only if the page is near and dear to someone does anyone look. I guess their is a box when you save that alerts you to changes if someone changes a page. I think that is how it works, but as I don't do that, i have never got a message. well i think i have done that once or twice but never a message.

below is an example of what happens when one indents a letter - typewriter font that runs off into infinity. thanks, i agree it would seem the village is named after Kabeer Allenwalla 04:26, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

The exact details regarding the origin of name of this village are not sure to me. It might be be possible that this village is named after Bhagat Kabir Ji who visited Sultanpur Lodhi in 1496 and stayed with Guru Nanak Dev Ji for one month and might have stayed at this place or visited this locality during those days. i would appreciate more research on this topic by the contributors of Sikhiwiki.