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Article is all over the place, did the Guru build it - cut stones, serve as a mason, ect. as said//or finance it and have the Sikhs build it as in the case of the Mosjid? Or as the last sentence said did he simply give permission for its construction, as indicated in the last (previous) sentence.

There is the traditional depiction of Mt. Meru and the central axis with the inverted lotus bud in the ceiling defining this axis. This axis is inportant in the Harmandir Sahib, I believe, with a rope or cord being used to center the cloth cover over the Granth wich is always placed daily in this central axis after the fixtures and cloth coverings, the manji, ect. are removed and the floor washed with milk and then rinsed with the water from the tank and polished down and reset perfectly with new furnishings in exactly the same place of the day before.

What is a Maseet?

Is the building now used as a Gurdwara? (Maseet which is turned to gurdwara)

What is a Minakari?

There are statues of Hidu Gods installed here. are there still Murtis in the temple is it still used by the Hindus of the city?

The lotus dome, derived from the stupas of the Budhists and the Gunbads of the Persians again a developement of the Mt. Meru theme, the central axis, the Nissan Sahibs and the stepples of the western world, is the same as is seen on almost every Gurdwara.

Lotus roots in mud growing through the 'ocean of life' to break beautifully above gu to ru. base to what could be.

The painting which is not whitewashed over is similar to that exposed on the rear of the gateway to the bridge to the Golden Temple Itself.

Sat Shri Akaal

  • Maseet means Mosque which muslims used for daily Prayers. Ya That building were like going to extinct after 1947 as no muslim was there in town, Nihang Sikhs took the control over it, and installed Guru Granth Sahib over there as Guru Granth Sahib is there so it is called Gurdwara. But Structure of building etc is same, not repaired and even Unesco recognized. This Mosque was made for muslims for their prayers on the banks of river beas. Guru Hargobind Ji Must have helped Financialy and guru hargobind ji stayed their, for long time so mosque must be constructed under his dekh rekh. So it is GURU KI MASEET
  • Minakari is hindi word it means like (Designs etc done on old artificial buildings) dont know perfect word.
  • Ya Hindues use this temple as i told no muslim is their no caretker is present so nihang sikhs are controlling it, but good hindu population is still their. Even when i went their they showed me Temple like they are showing me gurdwara """they were saying that Guru Sahib made it, what guru sahib made is still their only statues were reinstalled, but the Meenakari is that which was done before guru sahib."" So they believe in guru sahib but they installed statues of their dieties their.

(Lucky 11:14, 3 January 2009 (UTC))