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I am trying to make spacing same throughtout

when someone says she herself in place of she

or the Guru himself as opposed to the Guru wrote this

to me that implies:

1. you the writer doubts he did it, 2. or you think it was below him or 3. arrogance (of the writer) as if God had no part in the doing

Moses or Musa, broke the tablets of God written in Gods hand - Christianity , Islam and Jewish belief he spoke as if he were God - for this he was never allowed to see the promised Holy land. he took fourty years to travel less than 3 hundred years

Ali in a quote i cherish was about to kill a fallen enemy who spat in his face. He did not kill the man as he realized it would be his anger that would kill the man. Sparing his life & with the explanation the man converted to Islam.

a story: when i was a child my hand was paddled many times 'til I learned not to say learnt learnt was perfectly good mountain language but as my teachers pointed out IT IS NOT IN ANY DICTIONARY.