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Minor Issues


It is a marvelous job of GurSeva done to GUR(IDEA) GURU.

Wish SikhiWiki best of all 
  • 1. Map for about 50 % of INDIA's Capital -Delhi(north of Cnaught Place) is very hazy & blurred. Can the resolution be improved to make it at par with the lower half.
  • 2. If only the flag size could be reduced to say about 10 % of what it is now. Nanak's way of helping it could be just using the central Khanda of the Logo gifted to us by 10th Nanak, making it convey '1' Lord TRUTH.
  • 3. Alternately, just literal '1' should do.
  • 4. The squeezed up text on right side of the map if moved below the map is expected to improve presentation
  • 5. There seem to be some thing wrong, I could not post all this through the New E mail feedback format which opens up through the short cut at the bottom of the page. The error message demands my E mail address even when it is written there.

--Mutia 16 Feb 06


I also heartily appreciate about this map.

  • How can we place cross link to gurdwara location map if history or information about the place is available in "sikhiwiki" or any other location on internet.

--Guglani 05:21, 29 May 2006 (Central Daylight Time)

The Gurdwara's in the cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kericho KENYA (East Africa) Have been pinpointed to theri exact location. If you zoom in on Nairobi, Kenya you will see the 80foot white dome of Sri Guru Singh Sabha.