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What if a second Chola Sahib was given to Bhai Mardana as well. What would the Pakastanis gain in making such a claim. They certainly haven't tried to greatly increase the pilgrins visits/ has any Sikh seen the Chola. richard

Do you know even some muslim people want to say thet guru nanak dev :jee was a muslim
see the following links:
Hindu says: He was hindu
Muslim Says: He was muslim
Sikh Says: He was neither muslim nor hindu he was not even sikh we are sikh of guru nanak
Chola Sahib Given to bhai mardana who said??? Mardana died in Iran :while travels acc. to bala janam sakhi which i read then when :chola was given.(Lucky 09:32, 25 May 2008 (UTC))
A little correction ji:
Hindu says: He was a Hindu
Muslim Says: He was a Muslim
Sikh Says: He was neither Muslim nor Hindu. He was a Sikh of ::Waheguru, we are the Sikhs of Guru Nanak
Sunnybondsinghjalwehra 10:26, 25 May 2008 (UTC)