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sat sri akal

the recent mohali incident w.r.t. turban removal by some PP officials is very disturbing.

has SSF or any other jathebandi lodged complaint u/s 295-A IPC, it is a non-bailable offence. my sincere hope that instead of issuing statements that some future date has been set up for looking into the matter, it is imperative that quick and strong action is taken against these two (SP pritam and SI kulbhushan) i feel ashamed adding singh to their names.

i hope that a representation must have been sent to HRC

"Chapter III FUNCTIONS AND POWERS OF THE COMMISSION 12. Functions of the Commission The Commission shall perform all or any of the following functions, namely  :(a) inquire, suo motu or on a petition presented to it by a victim or any person on his behalf, into complaint of (i) violation of human rights or abetment thereof or(ii) negligence in the prevention of such violation, by a public servant"

its time to act and not to indulge in petty politics to earn some useless brownie points, this issue needs to be highlighted in the media, national medis is not so concerned about this major and embarassing issue to sikhs.

regards amarveer singh bhullar
advocate, new delhi

Veer ji

Sat Sri Akal

Many thanks for your message. I understand that United Sikhs organisation is taking the initiative in this respect and have filed a Criminal Complaint Against Punjab Police For Removal of Sikh's turban - Please read the report here.

I hope that this will be the start of our concerted effort to bring the perpetrator to justice in this ugly matter.

Please keep in touch and many thanks for your input. I have also transferred this to the discussion page of the article. GurFateh, Hari Singhtalk 14:14, 1 April 2011 (EDT)