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Seems that this list could grow to the thousands, if not millions. I know that some former Muslims have been open about their conversions, but should we be concerned with listing their names when Muslim extremists who are already putting bombs off in India could gain extra news coverage for killing apostates?

Yes, i am serious in adding Shinto as I am sure that some Japanese have probably become Sikhs and I can only Imagine some Parsis have converted, as you say, or married into Sikhism as have some christian friends. There are East Asian faces in the (gurudwara sahib in Tokyo,Japan), I do not know if they were visiters only. [1]

Many thousands of Yogibajan's Singhs could fill the page with Christian and Jewish converts.

Touting converts seems a somewhat dubious practice for me. I am sure that the Officers of the East India Company got a lot of milage, and hoped for many converts, out of touting Maharaja Duleep Singh's conversion to Christianity. If you don't think that was offensive then I guess such a page has some positive purpose. // Allenwalla 20:35, 4 November 2008 (UTC)