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The intent of this page is very unclear. At first it seems to be arguing that the Guru was leaving a clue (by the use of Rai) that he was telling on himself.

Only accidently did I scroll down far enough to see that the obverse was the intention. In english, a child born out of wedlock is often referred to by ignorant 'idjits' by a vulgar word often used in anger - pimp is not the word, as a pimp is the word for a man who manages a string of prostitutes.

The last item called news was really an item that might better be added to the bio on the professor (honarary title) mentioned.

I have made a few poor attempts to clear some things up. Allenwalla 03:33, 3 December 2009 (UTC)

Allenwalla Ji

Well acc. to information given it is RAI. and he was kind of Anandpur in Kahloor state on bank of setluj and Sikhs are follower of that king. you tell me who is he?

i haven't used pimp but it is used by the site from which i copied article i know pimp is not appropriate, but what you will call a lady having son but no husband and did sex with some unknown?

Actually there are many Vyakhya of this charitar in market and all NEgative, no one wants positive aspect of vyakhya. (Lucky 13:01, 3 December 2009 (UTC))