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a problem with this article, rather 2 problems

1. the article has Bhai Mani Singh dying before Guru Gobind Singh in a chance Mughal attack while they were both traveling with the Mughal Emperor. By a bullet wound

2. the article continues to have him become the first Granthi of the Akal Takhat appointed by Mata Sundari the widow of Guru Gobind Singh. Later in failing to meet an agreed payment he is chopped to death joint by joint.Allenwalla

I thought i remembered this before

Apparently the earlier note was not noticed, this article still has the writer of the Ardas having died on two occasionsAllenwalla 12:51, 23 April 2008 (MDT)


I'm 50000% sure that the first account is false. It is commonly known bhai sahib were cut joint by joint. Yes, they may have been injured in that war, but died?? No


Sunnybondsinghjalwehra 13:01, 23 April 2008 (MDT)

Ok, Here I am nothing to do except entertain you? Before you all jump the Gun and go off on an emotional re-edit. Please trouble yourselves in the name of peace and harmony. Go to wikipedia and under the same heading Bhai Mani Singh shaheed read the discussion pages and comments section in particular between raidcmdr and a fellow that hides behind the screen name Satbir Singh. The reason I said hides because raidcmdr doesn't hide. If your nice enough he may even give you his personal tip and share the wealth of knowledge you may all be seeking, talk about being open minded! And without fear! Very arrogant I may add or should I say confident. Oh, By the way if you are-( Satbir Singh) as you call yourself and here at sikhiwiki have a different screen name guess what? What are you afraid of? Logical and historical discussion is my Arena.--Raidcmdr 06:59, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Ok I also deleted the confusion part of this topic. You should be wary about someone bringing one of the greatest prominent figures in Sikhism into disrepute. The proof that this Article is doctored and hence a No brainer for any Sikh history student is... It is well known that Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed in know way or by know means altered the SGGS. It is said? This was done by the son of Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed, by another son of Raja Udai Singh. Now that I have your attention. Celibate?Hmmm? Which Bhai mani singh? Ram / Dullat / Kamboh. Why 'Grandfather' can they not just refer to you as a Sikh like I first set out to. My point is critics will not like my answer even when I give solid referenced truths. I now step aside into the shadows from hence I came. I await your egos and their replies contemplating whether you are all worthy of the truth?

"He also prepared a new version of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in which, he rearranged the writings according to which Guru had written them as opposed to leaving them in raag format. He did a similar thing with the Bhagat-bani also. It is stated that the segregation of Bani thus was disapproved by the Sikh-Sangat in general and Bhai Sahib was reprimanded for the sacrilege accordingly".Hmmm? what is this about?

Are you people Blind?--Raidcmdr 18:01, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

SHAHEED!!!!!!!!! please correct the title. --Raidcmdr 00:28, 26 August 2008 (UTC)