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Guru Is the source from where we can learn how to get the god...Get the god--seems a poor translation -- can't read the Gurmukhi only question marks.

…have God in our life.

…receive God's blessings.

…merge with God.

…attain Mukte.

other______________________? Please if anyone can help.

picked this by random page my Hukhnama of the day, the others from SGGS at Bhagat Singh wikipedia and those at Sikhi to the Max also golden as were the two Hari ji worked on today especially main page wow what a snake in the grass is Ninda says richard.

Richard Sir

Kindly read the article and do the needful. and also tell don't you feel the early life of Bhagat Sain is somewhat equivalent to Guru Nanak.(Both don't want to get educated, have interest in god, send to somewhere by parents and worked there and married there, then came to home.

I Have translated the punjabi article by a Singh sahib.

one more things why saintly persons do not like education of world? (Lucky 14:45, 30 January 2010 (UTC))

Guru Nanak Sahib was educated person as he was educated in both Sanskrit and persion, moreover he have seen the world, met people from different cultures and languages. and one more thing he is second travelled person after Ibn Batuta. So no doubt he have worldly education