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Bhai Sahib Lucky ji, It seems that answers to the many questions you pose are obvious.

I have read accounts of the foreigners who observed the events at the time. They record that Banda himself for his arrest and torture, the result of his hubris, of taking things way beyond the mission that Guru Gobind Singh had intended.

Like Aurangzeb, he had apparently proved the old saying that power corrupts and that wanton killing (as your page records) gives rise to hate, anger and vengeance. If I remember correctly, there was never any attempts to wipe the Sikhs out during the days of the Gurus. When Guru Arjan was murdered - n one sent troops to destroy Amritsar or set bounties on Sikh heads (i.e. no one tried to wipe the Sikh religion out.)

Even after the sacking of Amritsar and the death of his mother, father and sons, Guru Gobind Singh never sought revenge, and indeed helped Aurangzeb's son to gain his throne. As someone here once said - he never fought a war to build an earthly kingdom or gain an empire. He saw the need of defense, but violence to control others was not his mission.

Allanwalla ji

Those answers are to settle down these question to little extent but those are not moth tape answers. These questions were asked by those people whose ancestors were staying with gurus, who were baptized by guru themselves. Those ancestors told whole stories of guru and those events comes generations by generations to them. i met such persons, i told them to write book and expose truth but these guys don't take any tension and reply """Sach nu dabya rehan do"", they have many many many valid points against banda. I just have 2 - 3 out of them. I have positive study of Banda. rite now i am concentrating on events which are quite confusing. if 5 authors are writing books one says bandai khalsa emerge, other says some started following banda singh as

Moreover Wazir khan of sirhind have done vey wrong with sikhs and was doing so guru send banda to give him a reply but he did not know that banda will do like this.

Some people say guru was not bad judge. but Guru Sahib was decieved many times by these type of people for example Majhail Sikhs(Though 40 returned after), Gangu, Nirmala Sikh(Preached Hinduism), Aurangzed Quran Shapat, Pathans at Bhangani etc.

(Lucky 04:31, 10 May 2010 (UTC))

Lucky ji

Gurfathe ji The points you have posted regarding Banda Singh Bhadur are very much needed to be studied critically, truth is our only aim towards our future generations which will ask a lot more difficult questions regarding the history of the Gurus and sikhs. The past and the present generation were/are more inklined to see both the histories through the rose tinted glasses which we have to ratify and rewrite to enable us to see the truth. The contrubutors on this should not be afraid to write the truth wether it is for or against the sikhs. Unless we do this we will stay in controversial arena until we ourself start believing the falsehood which has been written in the past or will be written in the future. As you must of heard that we still regard the Janam Sakhi of Bhai Bala as authentic discription on the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, but we know that this biography was written in the mid 18th century, and as Bhai Bala never accompanied Guru ji on his travels. It was always Bhai Mardana who was the companion of the Guru ji.

Now the question you have written regarding the sacking of Sirhind and Banda becomming the guru of the sikhs, how can we say that the guru did not know that banda might set himself as the 11th Guru, couldn't the tenth master be in reza of the Akalpurkh, and warned Banda not to go against the wishes of the Akalpurkh.

If we are instructed to be within the will of WaheGuru, why can't the Guru be within that also (HUKAM REZAI CHALNA NANAK LIKHIA NAAL), as he himself sent both his elder sons to fight the Mugal forces in the Battle of Chamkaur, he must have known that he will never see his sons alive again.

Regarding the Gangus and the rest Deception in ingrained into the minds of humans. But couldn't the deceivers be working within the will of Waheguru, can't these be the lessons we should keep in mind when we are in the same predicaments. I think that what we are doing is always in the will of Waheguru.


Gurfathe Ji--Kular65 08:54, 10 May 2010 (UTC)

Kular ji

So you mean Banda Bahadur went against Hukam of God, and decieved Gobind Singh ji as he was said to preach sikhi and he started fighting?(Lucky 12:15, 10 May 2010 (UTC))

Lucky ji

That is exactly what banda did, he went against the dictate of the Tenth Master, he was only to go to Sirhind and punish Wazir Khan. But as Allenwalla ji said power corrupts. The rest is history.

If, Sir, you have any books regarding this subject, i would be very greatful if you can give me the names or authors so i can read for my self.

Gurfathe ji--Kular65 16:05, 11 May 2010 (UTC)

Kular Ji

thats seems more better view.(Lucky 19:43, 12 May 2010 (UTC))

Comments by user:Harryharry1

In this link, there is a point which talks about confusing things about Baba Banda Singh Bahadur The fourth point under that heading stated "If Government was really against Banda Singh, Why was Mata Sundri never attacked during her residence in Delhi? Why mata Sundri gave hukamnama against bandai khalsa? Was Mata Sundri of Such Low Character? My question is how can you even have a question like this put up about Maata ji. Isn't this disgraceful ?????I seriously think all Sikhwiki content needs to be very closely monitored. Would request you to please loook into thiss and do the needful. (comments by user:Harryharry1)