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Low caste gotra?


Someone, in seeking to prove Guru Nanak's greatness, has pointed out that this has been proved by his picking Baba Buddha to apply tilaks, pointing out that Baba ji was from a lowly caste.

As Guru Nanak's greatness needs no proof and he did not make such distinctions about caste - this seems unneeded; and just how low does someone (how many sites ago?) think the Randhava/Jatt caste was?

The worse reference i can find has them descended from/ or associates of Saran Jats who were associated with the royal dynasty of Jaisalmer. Randhir Singh (then a Rajput name) is listed as starting the Randhava gotra.

Please add any info you have to my talk page.

Thanx Allenwalla 20:27, 6 October 2010 (EDT)

There is no need to prove the truth, it stands by its self.