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Akhan JOR Chupe Nahin JOR

"Religious leaders and institutions like the S.G.P.C. and the Akal Takht make only feeble attempts... put down this criminal practice and their efforts have failed miserably. Kuree Maar (daughter-killer) is a common abuse in Punjab - an abuse that those who indulge in the practice have learnt to take in their stride."

---Khuswant Singh in SIKH TIMES

Where is the JOR ? Who has it ? User:Mutia24 Nov 06

# Sajjan sey naal main chalan ta naal chalan jithy lekha Mangiy naal khady dikhan ??.... SatGur

# Jo tau Prem Khelan ka Chau sir Dhar Tali Gali Meri aao...SatGur

# Jaisi Mai avy Khasam ki baani ....hor vi uthsi marad ka chela....SatGur

# Sura so pahichaniy jo lary deen ky Hyt Purja purja ..... SatGur

Any other Sajjan besides KHALSA Khushwant Singh ji??? Where is the JOR ? Who has it ? User:Mutia29 Dec 06

'Akal Takht's edict'!

"Dont describe an individual'statment as 'Akal Takht's edict'! This method of destroying the spirit of sikhism is simply intolrable" --Editorial from Feb 2005 issue of Spokesman Weekly

--Baljeet Kaur