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In this version the 12 o'clock switches to noon with Muslims traveling at night. this is at odds with every telling of the story i am aware of. Muslims were advised by their Rasul to never travel at night to throw a camp and fear jins and such evil things, as creatures, that prey in the night.

Sir Richard Burton attests to this in his diaries of his travels to Mecca. The sands of Arabia could not be much cooler than a trip out of Delhi on the way to Peshahwar and the safety of Afganistan and Persia. Yet his caravan in the heat of summer would plod all day, rest in the hottest hours around noon to 3 and camp at the fall of the sun in Lalah or night. The Sikhs who had no such adversion to night attacks must have seen like the evil sort of spirits their Rasul had warned them against.

Don't want to take it on myself to alter this story of daytime attacks which casts doubts on the night attack stories, as if all history is just made up to suit the inclination of the writer trying to prove his points.

I need some advise here. Allenwalla 08:41, 12 March 2008 (MDT)