Sri Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara, Kopar Khairane

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Rendering of the proposed Gurdwara, Plot No.4/1, Sector-23, Kopar Khairane

"Har Jape Harmandir Saajeya, Sant bhagat Gun Gaweh Ram"

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

As every Sikh knows, Daswand is a very essential part of the life of a Gursikh. So, I would request every Gursikh to contribute towards the realization of this noble cause.

There are about 256 Sikh families living in the Area of Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai, but as they have no Gurudwara Sahib nearby and the nearest gurdwara is 5-10 km away. Therefore a group of Gursikhs have taken the intiative to construct a Gurudwara Sahib within the walking distance. The Salient features of the building being constructed are stated below:

Size of Plot: 737 Sq.Meter (8000 sq.feet)

Sadh Sangat jeo, We are still short of building funds. So, we are looking forward to have your contributrions, especially, from Gursikhs who are living abroad and want to contribute towards their own country's Gursikhs.

Anyone wishing to contribute may transfer funds to the following accounts:

Bank Details:

Name of Bank Vijaya Bank, Kopar Khairane Branch
Account Name: Gurudwara Sri Dashmesh Darbar
IFSC Code: VIJB0005061
Account No: 506101010004270

Contact Details

For additional info, please contact the members of the Gurudwara Committee:

No. Post Name Mobile
1. President: S. Karnail Singh Bhaley 09324241918
2. V. President: S. Davinder Singh Sadwal 09702912409
3. Secretary: S. Davinder Singh Matta 09224407118
4. Jt Secretary: S. Anchleshwar Singh Deo 09702245577
5. Cashier: Jujhar Singh Oberai 09920581051