Sikhs in Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea was a very backward country. In the early 1970s many Sikhs came to teach in the schools and new Uni.of PNG.

There were also a number orf Sikhs that came through the UNO as government administration officials.Others as Doctors, Engineers etc. A few Sikhs from Malaysia, India and Indonsesia and Fiji also followed in businesess.

These Sikhs sat the Gurdwara Sahib near the Papua New Guinea University and carries a PO box address.

Some UK friends that visited PNG in late 2005 as Nurses told that the Gurdwara is visible with its Nishan sahib.They were not able to confirm the numbers of Sikhs, although they did meet a number in the City of Port Moresby and saw some Sikh and Sindhi businesses.

One report did suggest there were about 30 Sikh families in 1998.

There are 2 Gurdwaras in Papua New Guinea.