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Sikhi to the Max - is a site developed in August 2000, the first Internet Gurbani Search Engine developed for the Cyber Sangat. Go Search it ...

There are some major improvements taking place on the SikhiToTheMAX website. The additions and updates will help increase the site's utility for research and Gurbani knowledge. We are sure you will enjoy them and thanks for your patience.

The following sections are available:

  • Gurbani Search
  • English Search (NEW)
  • Random Shabad
  • Download Font
  • Guru Granth Sahib Index
  • Amrit Keertan Index (NEW)
  • Supersant (NEW)
  • Bhai Gurdas Vaar Index (NEW)
  • 101 Rehats Forum (NEW)

Web Address:
Fonts required: (1) GurbaniAkharHeavy and (2) GurbaniWebThick (Download free 1st here and 2nd here) (In case of errors, please try This website or or this one)

STTM Gurbani Search Engine

This is a PC based program which is over 33 MByte in size and allows the user to search for Gurbani Shabads and display them on an Overhead projector or computer screen. Various different displays are possible. Below is a sample screen printout:

  • 1. The start screen
This is the Start screen of the Sikhitothemax Gurbani Search Engine
  • 2. This screen show one of the innovative way of searching for the Shabad. Using this method, one only enters the first three or four letters of the Tuk. In this case I am looking for the Shabah Jis ka sirr oopar tu suami. So I enter in Gurmukhi
  • J -
  • K -
  • S -
  • O -

Which gives us: ਜਕਸੳ

Any Shabad can be found by entering just 4 letters into the Sikhitothemax Gurbani Search Engine
  • 3. Pressing the Search button brings up a selection of Shabads that match the four letters - In this case we get a choice of 4 Shabads.
In this case, the Sikhitothemax Gurbani Search Engine brings up a choice of 4 Shabads
  • 4. Selecting the last of the 4 Shabads takes us into the Powerpoint system with each line of the Shabad on seperate powerpoint screen. About eight screens are created and apprear to the left of the screen with the first screen also display in the main window. Clicking on any of the eight or so screens displays that screen in full - ie maximised.
Selecting our chosen Shabads takes us into the Powerpoint system with seperate screens for each Tuk of the Shabad
  • 5. Each Tuk is displayed on one Powerpoint screen with the original Gurmukhi line, English Translation and Transliteration.
Each Powerpoint screen shows the Tuk in original Gurmukhi, English Translation and Transliteration.

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