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Move or not to move

A: Please do not move articles that have been "well established" as this creates several problems such as:

  • The system creates an automatic redirect from the old page
  • If this page already has a redirect from another article, which in general is very possible, then your move creates a double redirect.
  • Links with double direct are not properly resolved by the Wiki system.
  • So the user will fail to link automatically to the new name from the original linked article.
  • The second reason is that each page has a ranking with Google and other search engines. If we keep changing the name, that ranking will suffer and our page will not appear near the top of the Google/Yahoo searches.

So please think very carefully before you move an established page. We all have our preferences for names.

For example, I use just "Guru Nanak" to refer to our founder Guru. You may prefer "Sri Guru Nanak". Another user may prefer "Guru Nanak Dev". If we start moving the article, the system will create redirects which will mean that the user will fail to get to the real article quickly. This is not very helpful.

So please create a redirect from your preferred name to the existing article.

If you feel strongly about the existing article, please discuss with other users first and if you find that several users are in STRONG agreement then post on the article discussion page and get several users to back the change. When you have several positive votes, ONLY then should a move be made. Please warn me before you move the page. Also, be kind enough to fix the redirects to the new page. Check at Special:DoubleRedirects to see all redirects on the system.

If the page is a new article, then the above does not apply. Please try and create articles with their simple, common and popular names. Adding Sri, Ji, Dev, Sahib, etc is only required where the common name includes this honour and excluding it would not sound right. For example: Anandpur is sufficient to refer to Anandpur sahib - I don't believe that it is rude to exclude the Sahib in this case. In any event, it is preferred if the name is kept simple.


B. Please make sure that the article names are NOT in capital letters.

  • THE LION THAT ATTACKED THE GURU should be The lion that attacked the Guru.
  • GURDEV SINGH BECOMES PRESIDENT OF SOUTHALL CLUB should be Gurdev Singh becomes President of Southall Club.

Only proper names should start with a Capital letter. So names of places, people, things start with capital letter otherwise its should all be small letters. If in doubt, use lower case as the Wiki system prefer lower case in searches. The first letter of the title is generally a capital letter.

Hari Singh 11:56, 19 April 2008 (MDT)