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In a life that is busy and prone to many difficulties, much pain and riddled with many personal challenges it seems impossible to worry about others. One has to worry about oneself; there is debt to pay off; outstanding bills that need to be paid urgently.

What happens if you suffer health problems; how will you cope? How are you going to balance your budget? What if the interest rate goes up again? There are so many hurdles that need to be crossed to get to a level playing field; will I ever get there?

In a recent survey, over 50% of Americans said they worry about the money they owe; many said that they worry about their overall debts most of the time. These debts can come from home and car loans as well as credit cards; 75% in the poll said they have credit cards; 40% of those with credit cards said they will use plastic to help pay for their holiday spending that year. Debt and money problems are highlighted in many surveys across the world.

With so much personal stress and pressure, the idea of helping others is difficult to accept. However, Gurbani warns us, "O Nanak, how shall I tell them this? Without the karma of good deeds, they are only destroying themselves (1)" (SGGS p 147). The wise Guru tells us that without doing good deeds we are digging a large hole for ourselves.

Gurbani reminds us that it is only the good deeds and actions that will remain with us and will be counted in the end; the pleasures and enjoyments of life here on Earth will mean nothing. .....More