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Link to SikhiWiki

Do you have a website? Would you like to add the SikhiWiki Search box to your website? All you need to do is copy the below HTML and paste it onto your web page and you are all done. Your website visitors will then be able to search SikhiWiki right from your website.

Copy starting below this line:

<!-- START - Sikhiwiki Search Box -->

<form name="searchform" action="" id="searchform">
<a href=""><img src="" width="135" height="142" border="0"></a> <br> <input name="search" type="text" id="searchInput" accesskey="f" value="" size="10">
<input type='submit' name="fulltext" class="searchButton" value="Search">
<!-- END - Sikhiwiki Search Box -->

Copy till right above this line