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This page explains the procedure to be followed before the deletion of a page or complete section of an article and also an proposed major change to the article or section. This page does not apply to small edits to a sentence or paragraph to improve readability of other such minor spelling or grammatical errors.

Proposed deletion/major change is the way to suggest that an article or section is uncontroversially a deletion or major change candidate, but that it does not meet the more stringent criteria for speedy deletion (see below) ie: bad taste/advertising/linking to external pages, etc.

The nomination should be made on the discussion page of the article by giving details of why the deletion/change is required; you must highlight the section or sections nominated for deletion/change and detailed reasons to support the proposed deletion or amendment. If no editors object, nominated pages or sections will be deleted after fourteen days by the administrator. You should not delete any section or page without first discussing it unless the page is a violation of our guidelines ie: bad taste/advertising/linking to external pages, etc.

If you are proposing any major change to the article, this must first be agreed by consensus on the discussion page before the changes can be carried out on the article. This does on apply to any minor amendment to improve readability or correct spelling or grammar.

Before nomination for deletion

  • 1. Consider your reasons for deletion and the alternatives to deletion, including whether or not merging the article elsewhere or making it a redirect are more appropriate than deletion.
  • 2. Review the article's history to confirm that it has not been recently vandalized.
  • 3. Confirm that the article is eligible for proposed deletion by checking that it has:
not previously been proposed for deletion.
not been undeleted.
not been and is not being discussed at the discussion page.
  • 4. Note that only articles, lists, and disambiguation pages may be deleted using the Proposed deletion process
  • 5. Suggest improvements to the article to address the concerns raised.

Speedy deletion

Criteria for speedy deletion: Reasons for deletion include, but are not limited to, the following (subject to the condition that improvement or deletion of an offending section, if practical, is preferable to deletion of an entire page):

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