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Here are some of the sikh phrases used in daily life

  • Waheguru - the Most Common Phrase which is heard which is God's name for sikh and people used it in every situation wether happy or sad. Waheguru is core to many Sikh Phrases.
  • Jo Bole So Nihal - Its Jaikara of Sikhs which sikhs used to leave after reading bani and in wars before going to fight and after victory. It gives courage to sikhs. A person speaks Bole so nihal(whoever speak will be blessed) and it is succeded by another slogal Sat Sri Akal(The God is truth)
  • Sat Sri Akal - It's Sikh wish to another person and used by many punjabis too. It is also a reply to famous sikh slogan jo bole so nihal.
  • Gaj ke Fateh Bulao - This is used by Bhai in gurdwara, which means say fateh in loud voice and immediatley you will heard fateh i.e waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh.
  • Jo Bhavey Kartar - This is used by Sikh when some event happens in life wether good or bad, sikhs are often used this words for their satisfaction and for other satisfaction too.
  • Rabb Mehar Kari - This is Ardas Phrase of sikh, sikh use to ask God bless. It is used for sikh himself, God bless me and for others to as May God bless
  • Charhdi Kala Bakshe - It is blessings of sikh to others that God will always keep in high spirits. When thanking someone "Rabb Charhdi Kala Bakshe".
  • Sab Gobind hai: it means that everything belong to god. In Ecstacy sikhs are seen reciting this.
  • Dhann Baba Nanak: It's thank to baba nanak, sly Dhann word is used as Dhann Waheguru, Dhann Guru Gobind SIngh, Dhann Guru Har Rai, Dhann Dhann Guru Har Krishan

to be contd.

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