Shaping The Future of Punjabi

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Shaping the future of the Punjabi language is in the hands of the parents. If they realize this most important duty and sow the seeds of the mother tongue in the childhood years, the future of the Punjabi language takes a promising shape. We parents must realize that the future of our children has very strong bondage with their mother tongue. This language plays a very important role in shaping their life. Parents must be convinced of this reality by making them aware of the novel research that tells us the impact of the mother tongue on the personality of a child. The mother tongue plays a very important role in shaping the personality of a child. Thus we must do the needy to make the parents aware of this fact and then only the parents will take steps to sow the seeds of the mother tongue in the childhood age of their children. This is the duty of our gurdwara authorities also who have failed miserably in executing this responsibility.

As far as the Khalsa Schools are concerned we have produced a book of Simple Punjabi grammar and a book on Punjabi Compositions For Secondary Schools. Both the books are based on local environment. We are now in the process of producing workbooks for all grades. This project will take time but we have already set the ball rolling. These workbooks will have lessons with various approaches that will create interest in learning at the same time. It is very important to create interest in learning the language. The mother tongue is a treasure that a child starts accumulating from his very early childhood and with the help of this wealth he makes his place in this world.

Every word of the mother tongue makes an indelible mark of the personality of a child. It is a wealth that deserves the most attention and earns merit for a child in this world. Even in childhood a child makes his place in the society with the help of this treasure of the mother tongue. The facial appearance is the reflection of the body and his language is the image of his soul. Our mother tongue is the language which we learn from our mothers in childhood. This language becomes a support of a child to stand on his feet and face the sympathetic and indifferent winds in life.

The language of a child and an adult shapes the picture of his culture and exposed the depth of his wisdom in the society. It is the language of a person that relates what he has accepted and what has rejected in life. A person peeps into this world, plays with his friends, mixes in the society and makes love with the power of this treasure which he has accumulated knowingly or unknowingly in his life from childhood.

The mother tongue is not only a key to success but also a treasure of elegance and comeliness that beautifies the garden of life. It is the most valuable possession in life. A child is more the baby of his mother tongue than even his own mother. At times he is separated from his mother but never from his mother tongue with the support of which he moves in this world. His life becomes more synonymous with the language than anyone else in his life. Language psychologists reveal to us the greatest secret of the power of the mother tongue that is the only force to bring out the virtuous qualifies of life with which a person is endowed by God. Millions of people spend their lives without making use of the virtues in them because their tool of the mother tongue is not strong enough to bring them out.


  • Principal Amar Singh (Chap 58) Khalsa School, Vancouver, Canada