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Sardar Partaap Singh jee was born on September 21, 1898, in district Gurjraanwala in present day Pakistan. His father's name was Sardar Saroop Singh and mother's name was Bibi Prem Kaur. He was brought up in pure Gurmat atmosphere as both his parents were gursikhs.

From early age, his outlook was very different. Not that we believe in going to pandits but many astrologers and sants who saw him predicted that this child will grow up to be a king, bhagat or someone great. When ever Bhai Sahib saw any opportunity to do sewa or if there was ever talk of independence movement, he would jump to do sewa.


When he passed his 10th grade, his brother who was working in the military and stationed at Simla, called him over. He was afraid that Bhai Sahib would indulge in political activities and get in trouble. He had him hired in the military.

At age 19 he got married to Bibi Harnaam Kaur who was 15 years old at that time. Bhai Sahib used to do a lot of paath and was quite oblivious of worldly things.


Shaheed Partaap Singh jee had a friend who worked as a doctor. One day his friend's son who was two years old died. That doctor was a very good Gursikh and he totally accepted the bhaana of Vaheguru and did not let anyone to cry.

When Bhai Sahib saw his doctor friend’s such great state of accepting will of Vaheguru and not crying at the death of his son, he made a pledge to himself that he too would not cry if he has to face a similar situation. He said to himself that if he ever has a son born to him and if he was to die, he too would not cry and would accept bhaana of Vaheguru.

Soon a very beautiful son was born to the Bibi Harnaam Kaur, wife of Bhai Partaap Singh jee. When his son grew to age two years, he died in an accident. The accident was horrible as the kid got almost boiled in hot water. I am not sure of the details how this accident occurred but basically he died as a result of pouring of boiled water on him.

Bhai Sahib at that time was not home and was informed of this accident by his neighbour’s wife. Bhai Sahib by now had a good spiritual state and used to do massive paath. He remembered his pledge of not crying over his son’s death and to accept the will of Vaheguru. He stopped everyone from crying and said that Guru Sahib was testing him and he did not want to fail this test. He not only did not cry but he called a music band to be played in front of the funeral procession.

Such was the spiritual state of Bhai Sahib that he accepted the bhaana of Guru Sahib with open heart. Not once did he complain or cry. He stayed in full chardi kala.


During these days, Bhai Sahib was transferred to Rawalpindi and his family came along with him. This was the peak time of the Akali movement and the government did not let anyone wear Black turban. Bhai Sahib went to work wearing a Black turban. His British officer objected to him wearing a Black turban and told him that he would not be allowed to come to work wearing a Black turban. Hearing this Bhai Sahib gave his resignation and came home.

After getting free from job, Bhai Sahib became a staunch Akaali. He burned his normal clothes and started wearing only baana and that too of Khaddar fabric only. Khaddar is hand-woven cotton that Akalis used to wear and later Mahatma Gandhi too adopted this fabric for his followers.


He started participating in all Akali movements and on the fateful day of November 16, 1922 he along with other sangat decided to serve langar to the prisoners of Jaito kaa Morcha, who were to pass through Punja Sahib. When he and the sangat heard that the government had decided to not stop the train at Punja Sahib, they decided to stop the train at all cost.

Bhai Sahib and the other sangat sat right on the railway tracks and got crushed by the train. The details of his shaheedi have already been posted above. He had an amazing shaheedi. It seems like he did not feel pain. Even after getting crushed, he refused to be helped unless his brothers – the prisoners – were served langer.

He stayed alive till next day – amrit vela. He recited whole of Siri Jap jee Sahib himself and did ardaas himself. After ardaas he left his body. He must have gone straight to Sach Khand. What a great life!!