Samadh Maharaja Sher Singh, Chah Miran

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The samadhs of Maharaja Sher Singh, his wife queen Randhawi, Dharam Kaur and Rani Partab Kaur are located in this place. This area is known as Southern Lahore. Once River Ravi flowed here and the Baradari of Shah Bilawal was on this river. Sher Singh came here to inspect the troops on 15th September 1843. His General Sardar Ajit Singh Sindhan Walia presented him a gun and pulled the trigger when Maharaja was about to hold the gun. He died at the spot. Lehna Singh Sindhan Walia killed his seven year old son, Kunwar Partab Singh, simultaneously. They were cremated at this place, later their Samadhs were built here. The samadh of Maharani is on the eastern side of Maharaja Sher Singh's samadh whereas the one on the western side is the samadh of Rani Partab Kaur. Rani Randhawi died in Samvat 1927 while Partab Kaur met her lord in Samvat 1912 The baradari of Shah Balawal and the samadhs are still present but may be completely vanish any moment.