Gurdwara Rishikesh

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Back of Gurdwara Rishikesh with Smiling Devotees

Gurdwara Rishikesh was constructed in 1964. for Gurmat Vidaya. Bal vidyalya was opened in 1976 on 12th feb.

Buses are there for forward journey. Advance seat booking is available. The bus starts in morning 4 n reach at 4 in the evening a 12 hour trip to the airport at Dehradoon. Gobind Ghat is located 272km from here.

ROUTE 1 - Haridwar 
ROUTE 2 - Paonta Sahib 

Rishi Kesh ♣♣ Dev prayag ♣♣ Srinagar ♣♣ Rudra Prayag ♣♣ Karna prayag ♣♣ Nanda prayag ♣♣ Joshi Math ♣♣ Vishnu prayag ♣♣ Gurudwara Gobind ghat ♣♣ Gurudwara Gobind Dham ♣♣ Hemkunt Sahib