Raj Karega Khalsa Network

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Raj Karega Khalsa Network

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  • This site provides content irrespective of caste, creed, race, jathebandhi, other groups, etc. and encourages faith and devotion to Sri Guru Granth Sahib and for all to unite under the one banner of the Khalsa Panth. In uniting the Panth we must love one another and respect each others beliefs. We must not allow ourselves to be divided and it is our duty to work together to pass on the torch of love, peace and understanding enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj Ji to the next generation of youngsters.

Raj Karega Khalsa - The Pure Shall Rule

Aakee Rehae Naa Koe - The non-believers will not remain

  • We implore Sikhs to help in fulfilling Guru Ji's prophecy of 'Raj Karega Khalsa' - the ultimate multicultural society on earth based on Sikh ideals. A socio-political-spiritual concept of the Kingdom where Guru Ji's teachings will prevail. Where the entire human race is recognised as one and equal under the Supreme Being: Satguru'.
  • The way you can help achieve this is to establish Raj over your inner being to merge it with the Supreme Being and follow what it meant to King of Kings Guru Gobind Singh Ji to be a Khalsa.