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Pritpal Singh Bindra, a postgraduate of Punjab University, moved to England in 1960 after teaching in a few schools in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. There he taught in Secondary Technical School, Willsdon, London, N.W.10 for two years, 1961-63, and, then, he went into his own business of Motor and Commercial Insurance. He had a long desire to take up early retirement and fulfil his ambition of reading and writing and sold his business in 1983.

He has been studying Sikh Scripture, Religion and Polity. While writing articles for many weeklies and monthlies in Canada and India (including Spokesman, Chandigarh, The Sikh Review, Calcutta, Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh etc.) he was mainly busy in compiling a conceptual reference book on Guru Granth Sahib. The book, Thus Sayeth Gurbani, has been published by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Ludhiana. It contains more than 10,000 quotations spread over 500 pages. In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious Akali Phoola Singh Book Award by Academy of Sikh Religion and Culture, Patiala.

He has translated Chritro Pakhyaan (Triya Chariter) of Dasam Granth into English and it has been published by Chatar Singh Jiwan Singh, Amritsar.

He has also rendered into English the Hikayaat (Stories in Persian) from Dasam Granth and the book is under print and is to be published by Sikh Social and Educational Society, Toronto, Canada.

The translation into English of all the poetical works of Bhai Nand Goya is his most ambitious and prestigious endeavour. This book is being published The Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh and will be released shortly.

He has just completed the English version of Guru Kian Saakhian written by Bhai Swaroop Singh Kaushish in 1790 CE. It is gone into press with an extensive Introduction and Annotations by S. Pal Singh Purewal (the author of Nanak Shahi Calendar

Currently he is busy in giving to the Sikh Jagat the English translation of 675 Kabits of Bhai Gurdas.

In his free time Pritpal writes short stories, and a collection of 16 stories was published by New Book Co., Jalandhar in 1997. Its second edition with 20 stories has been published in 2001 by Asia Vision, Ludhiana. Once a good friend of his commented, "Considering all his varied works, one wonders how contrasting is his attitude towards life, on one hand, going through his writings on Sikhism, one presumes him to be an epitome of religiosity but after reading his fictions one learns he is a great hero of romance like the prominent Urdu-writer, Sadat Hassan Mintoo."


  • Thus Sayeth Gurbani
  • Muklawa And Other Stories
  • Charitro Pakhyaan
  • Kalaam-e-Goya - Poetry of Bhai Nand Lal Goya in English
  • Guru Kian Saakhian - Anecdotes of the Gurus
  • Hikayaat - Tales in Persian from Dasam Granth
  • Kabitt Bhai Gurdas in English