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(1914 - 1969 A.D.)

Sardar Pritam Singh was born at village Nangali Sahib, famous pilgrimage centre in the erstwhile state of Poonch in 1914 A.D. He was eldest of three sons born to S.Ganga Singh and he himself was blessed with five sons. He was a true devotee of Dera Nangali Sahib and a close friend of Sain Allahi Buksh Sahib. He was alos closely associated with Swami Shankra Nand Ji of Dashnami Akhara. He truly respected all religious shrine of erstwhile state of Poonch. He successfully skilled himself in different fields like motor mechanism,electrical works and gun making. Under the guidance of his uncle Bhai Sohan Singh of Lahore,he invented a number of new techniques in the gun making industry and achieved distinction in all the disciplines. In one of the major exhibitions held at Parade Ground, Jammu during 1959 A.D., he was awarded First Class Medal in gun making for his invention of an exclusive 12 bore gun which he named the ‘INDICATOR GUN’. This gun is still not available with any other country in the world. He invented a number of other such machines which too are not available anywhere in india. He also invented ‘ROOHANI ALLAHA’ during 1937 A.D. and successfully operated upon it which is still in perfect working order. The Dogra Rulers of poonch state had acknowledged his craftsmanship. He left his mortal coil on 7th of October 1969 A.D