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Pauri, Pauree or Pouri is a Punjabi term for a 'step' (staircase), paragraph or section of verse in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which the Sikhs regard as more than a holy book. The Sikhs treat their sacred scriptures as their living Guru. The holy text is also referred to as Gurbani or just Bani. Each paragraph of normal verse is called a Pauri or a Shabad. Various other words are used for special sections of Gurbani.

"Paurees" are a form of stanzas. They also contain the essence of the Vaars. Literally meaning ladder, rung, step, or stair, it is a form of stanza adopted for Vaars. They generally consist of 6 to 8 lines each. Stanzas of Baabaa Nanak's Japuji Saahib are also traditionally called Paurees. Traditionally, Raagees are supposed to conclude Kirtan with the singing of a "Pauree" from Raagas such as Bilaaval, Kaanraa etc.

Other names given to sections of Gurbani are: Salok, Ashpaadi, Var, etc

In the major religions of the world stairs or ladders are seen as a metaphor for ascending to Heaven. The Sikhs Gurus, including the SGGS, are seen as the guide or way for a Sikh to attain Moksha or liberation, by following Gurbani and living a life of service to others.

For the Hindus the Ghat at Hardvar called the Har-ki-pauri (stair to God) is seen as one of the most auspicious places along the Ganges to take ablution and attain absolution - freedom from ones sins and attain Moksha. For the Jews, Christians and Muslims (in order of the 3 religion's establishment) the stairways of their first Prophets' dreams play an important part in each religion and its literature.

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